Connect Multiple Platforms

Organize your Registrations

Registrations can be organized by connecting multiple platforms without you having to touch each of the platforms individually

Convert your Physical Events to Virtual

Explore many ways of getting your real events to online events and move to a digital event integrating all your apps

Webinar, Virtual Event or a Virtual Conference, How does your next corporate event look like?

it is time to give your townhalls, product launches and seminars an online address and use the flexibility of digital content.

Live stream your videos or schedule pre-recorded ones, enable private chat rooms or have a public virtual networking; control your events the way you want, with a click of button, literally.

Our Process

Intutive Reporting


  • Simple and Intutive

    Visually create integrations with drag-drop data mapping in minutes. No IT help required.

  • 100+ Connectors

    Connectors for all leading/SaaS applications available. Use our Webhooks/Rest API to connect other apps.

  • Powerful Tools

    Format data and conditional logic, or time delay into workflows.

  • Secure & Reliable

    Data encryption at risk and transit, data retention control and audit logs.


Integrate your virtual meeting with the tools you already use

Connect your meeting tools to events pipeline platform and it will connect to your already existing tools and the integration does the magic. Skype, Zoom, Gmail, Webex, Join me, Hangouts and many more.

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